Just to inform everyone, news has spread about people selling fake civet cat coffee. We were asked by a customer if what we are offering is an authentic civet cat coffee - well, we can over price the cup and perhaps he wouldn't be asking about if its authentic or not. Is it built on trust?


How can you know?

The sad reality is you won't. This is where these sellers abuse. To cut the longer story short. Boots coffee bar has authentic civet cat coffee, other than we source our beans in the raw form (hand pick and not washed), we have a machine to scan the beans and certify its authenticity. Why? this is for the export authentication and proof, this is erase doubts regarding the green beans.

To give a little science to everyone who wants to know more about the "how" - civet beans have a different moisture content than ordinary beans.

So buy authentic civet cat coffee, and you know where to source out authentic civet cat coffee.


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