Welcome to the world of Specialty Coffee!

Boots Coffee Bar offers a wide range of coffee related services to assure the greatest coffee experience. Whether for your home, business or events, we got you covered.

Custom roast.
We do custom roast for the beans of your choice. Enjoy different flavors and aroma as the coffee changes during different roast level.

Single Origin Coffee.
We offer different Specialty grade coffee beans from around the world. This is an avenue for you to explore different profiles of coffee. Floral to chocolate hints, spice to caramel and many more!

Coffee class. 
We offer different classes. To start, join our monthly COFFEE APPRECIATION CLASS, where you will learn about the history, process, roasting, grinds and brewing. What more!, get to experience vertical coffee tasting. This will take your coffee knowledge to the next level.

For more indepth approach, we have Home Brewing Class. This is a class after Coffee Appreciation, it will cover a more detailed approach to your preferred brewing method. A guide in brewing your the perfect cup.

Coffee brewing. 
Don't worry, get got you covered. Put a wow to any event you have and make it more special with our 3rd Wave Coffee Experience!

We look forward in having you as part of this great world of coffee. Contact Us Now!

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