We take pride in offering you Single Origin Specialty Grade Coffee from around the world. Aside from its high grade as specialty, we also make sure that they have the following: Organic Certification, Fair Trade, and Rainforest Alliance Certification. This assures you that you are getting the best of everything, from ethically and sustainably grown coffee to the freshest roast.

Our coffee are roasted upon order, we want you to enjoy the optimum profile of the coffee your purchased. Also we can roast them to your liking.

We don't offer blends as we want you to discover the true profile of each coffee producing country. Circulation of the origins are posted regularly every month.

CIVET CAT COFFEE P1,200/200grams


CAFFLANO All-In-One Coffee Maker P4999 (Free 100grams Coffee Starter)


Place your order now and enjoy the real good coffee, Specialty Coffee

Send us a message in our facebook account BootsCoffeeBar

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