COFFEE LAB: Understanding coffee grind size and weight


We always get into a conversation about the ratio of coffee to water. We see labels in packaging using tablespoon per cups, or scoops per cups. These labels are based on the particular roast and grind size and is not a standard. But a mere guide to start from and customized to suit your taste.

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Under the Ultraviolet Light

Understanding coffee beans at its raw form. I got this concept from Sweet Maria's, and I want to share to all of you this extra way of assuring quality coffee. In addition to the green coffee grading implemented by SCAA, using ultraviolet light shows another aspect of coffee that is not seen by the naked eyes.

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Green Coffee Grading

We did a green coffee grading for a Philippine Coffee this morning. This is basically to check how Philippine coffee is and also to get ourselves into this process.

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Calibrating and Dialing your grinder

Grinders are as important as your espresso machine, infact sometimes it might be more important the machine itself. The grinder dictates the rate of flow of the shot, and getting a good grinder makes this variable controllable.

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