Here at Boots Coffee Bar, we always find ways to make sure that you get the best out of your coffee and we are proud to announce that we are bring to you Cafflano, All-in-One Coffee Maker, so that you can brew your favorite coffee anytime anywhere.

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Tumbler Cup
Stainless Steel, Capacity 255mL (450mL)

Metal Filter Dripper
Environment-friendly, Permanent metal etching filter

Foldaway Hand-mill Grinder
Ceramic Burr Grinder, Consistent & durable performance

Drip Kettle
Upper Cup is used as a drip kettle

Ceramic Burr Grinder (Foldaway Hand-mill)
Scale Indication of 10/15/20/25/30(Maximum) grams

Cafflano All-in-One Coffee Maker is available now Click Here and start brewing your favorite cup anytime you want.